Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ethan Michael Kissell -

For those of you who aren't on Facebook - here's our new Grandson.

  • Name: Ethan Michael Kissell
  • Born: 4/28/2010    1:01 PM EDT
  • Weight: 8 lbs 5 oz  (3.77 kg)
  • Length: 21 1/2 " (.55m)
  • Demeanor: Angelic (could you expect anything less?)
 Say Hello to Ethan.  I haven't taught him English yet, maybe next week, but it's obvious to even the casual observer that he'll understand.

Here's a before picture - Ethan enjoying the waterbed.

Another before picture - with Mom and Dad 2b in the beautiful room prepared for Ethan.

Proud Mama and Papa - Ethan's about three hours old here and already has learned how to capture the center of attention.

A happy, happy man.

A sore, exhausted Happy Mama.

Grandma Janie 

The Grandmas Two - Suzi and Janie

And Grandma Suzi (to be known as Gammer) gets her turn.

The Ol' Gaffer gets his turn.  He took this opportunity to spend a few minutes to teach Ethan to read.  The kid is amazing - he doesn't even move his lips.

His vocal chords are incredible - he can hit two octaves above high C - most men can't even hear it.  Which is why the ladies always take care of him in these cases.

Now this - this is when the men know how to take care of him.  He isn't into talking sports yet - but we know he likes hooters.

I taught him to count to two already.  In this photo he is up to number two.  We are so proud!!

Some of the girls at the hospital were already leaving off their phone numbers for him.  Soon we have to have a talk...

Here's one of the girls now - this is Sherry - taking the vitals.

This is the result - always trust your computer.

Gammer gets him again.

More tests - but he passed with flying colors - absolutely brilliant baby.

So dad says, "Whadaya think; time to go home?" "Yawn, yeah, pops", he says. I taught him to say that.  

So the little bugger gets tucked in - we heard him mutter - "I think I've had enough, take me home.  You drive."

This is Ethan's first set of wheels.  Mom's teaching him to drive.

This is it, Mom, you're on your own from here.

Sore but happy Mama struggles into car.

Finally, almost home.

Thanks, Sis, for being there for me.

Offloading precious cargo.

Helping Mama up the stairs.

"Houston, the Stork has landed."

Ethan's first formal dinner at the dining room table.

Gammer Suzi teaching Ethan how to whistle.  He's not into melody much, but the little rascal has got a wolf whistle down really well.

This photo was taken using a special camera lens filter which enhances the celestial spectrum frequency - proving that Ethan is a perfect angel.

Ethan's first Gal - ain't love grand?

Go away and leave me alone.  I'm teaching Ethan how to say "Arrrrgh!"

A one, and a two.  Yep, I got both down just fine.

The Ol' Gaffer hits me with one shot o' rum....

This is my imitation of Winston Churchill.


  1. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to all.

  2. I can easily count 4 families all of which had had their lives changed (for the better)!! Congrats to all!!
    Ron & Marti

  3. CONGRATS nothing better than grandbabies what a cutie loved the captions Liz and Steve changed my name bored with Betty