Saturday, September 26, 2009

Solomons Island

Our continuing trek takes us first to a quick stop back on the West River to check on mail, borrow a car, buy groceries, and then (*oops, there's another 'and then') we motored to Solomons Island.  We had never seen the Chesapeake Bay so calm.  It was glass until we got to Cove Point Light House.  Here's a picture of Cove Point Light:

If you look closely, you can see that I waited 'til the light came around to click the shutter.  Other than that it's a very ordinary picture cause the light was lousy.  My apologies, I'll try to do better next spring when we come back North to see our new grandchild.  (Did I mention, Colleen is pregnant with our first grand- and we're excited as fruit flies on sweet wine.  I'm going to teach him/her to say, "Arghhhh!" Can't wait.)

So we arrive at Solomons and anchor off the Patuxent River on one of the many Mill Creeks (there are two  Mill Creeks off the Patuxent alone. )  We contacted our friends Jack and Karen who are originally from our home town.  They invited us for a fabulous wine and cheese and a dinner worthy of blogging about - but we won't tell you too many details, because we don't want you drooling all over your keyboard.

As an incidental, we started having engine overheating problems traveling from Mill Creek to Back Creek.  (Are you keeping count? We'll list everything later.) 

We forgot to take a camera ashore so we didn't get any pix of Jack and Karen, the beautiful home they built, or the tour Jack took us on highlighting all of the highlights (what else would you do with them?) of Solomons Island.

Colleen and Will drove down and spent some time with us and we took them on a sail up the Patuxent.  And the engine overheated again.

Here's some pix:

Here's Will and Colleen playing backgammon in the cockpit.  They play gently, given her delicate condition.

Colleen won the previous game and sets up to challenge another.

Will politely declines - admitting abject defeat in the face of an insurmountable opponent.  I don't mean anything by that.

while Captain Larry pouts because all he got was a Fresca when what he really wanted was a rum.

Capt. Larry dinghies Colleen and Will back to shore and hugs them for the last time until spring.  We hugged sister Tara, too, (previously) but we lost all of the goodbye pictures.

Next day we met a couple while we were rowing back from Washburn's Marina where we had gone to see Luke who had been the service manager at Hartge's for many years.  He's starting a new phase of his life buying into Washburn's.

So I mentioned we were rowing back  - because the dinghy engine quit and wouldn't start. (Add this to the count)

Norman on the trawler Peggy Sue along with his dog of the same name, towed us back to our boat with his dinghy.  Later Norman and his wife Betsy came over for sundowners.  Delightful couple who we hope to see again as we do so many cruising couples.

Next stop St. Marys, Md.

But not before we changed the coolant in  the diesel engine and figured out and corrected the overheating problem.   I am NOT a mechanic.  I can do many things, but engines tend to cringe and back away when I approach with tools in my hand.  (Probably because it's usually a hammer.)