Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scott and Amber's Wedding

We welcome you to our site and our first post.  We are going to start with some of the exciting things which happened this previous month - the first of which is our son's wedding on August 15, 2009 to Amber Brandom.  The setting was beautiful; Big Sur, California on a mountain top above Pfeiffer Beach.  You can see more at their own site: Amber and Scott's Wedding.  Click on the "PHOTOS" tab.

Here's the happy Bride and Groom before the wedding doing their "Photo Op" thing for all the paparazzi.  Scott, as you know, is a prize-winning, world famous photo journalist (we can brag all we want, he's our son) and as such has many photographer friends, all of whom were at the wedding, including an aerial photographer who flew over and took pix from the air.

Scott putting on his wedding togs in our cabin in the woods.

Amber's Mom pinning on Scott's boutonniere.
This is the view from the wedding site. Awesome??
Scott and Amber meet in their wedding outfits  on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Big Sur Mountains on the other.
Amber, with her Mom and Dad 
  Scott and Amber with her Mom and Dad
Scott and Amber with Scott's twin sisters Colleen and Tara
Scott, with his twin Sisters Tara and Colleen (hey, they're our kids, we'll include as many pix of them that we want!)
...with Best Man and Best Lady (Joey and Janette) 
...down the aisle with Mom and Dad
Scott, cracking up everyone with an historic first in wedding vows - after all the promises were made, he said, "I promise to finally buy you a puppy."
Exchanging of the rings
The traditional kiss
Scott's mom
The new Bride and Groom's first dance. 
The Groom dances with his Mom (better known as Saltwater Suzi) 
Bride dances with papa
The traditional removing of the garter
...and the non-traditional, but to be expected from Scott, clowning around at the removal  of the garter.
...and the throwing of the bouquet.

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