Monday, August 24, 2009

Train from San Fran to the Toddlin' Town

   After the wedding,  Napa Valley wineries, the Redwood forest, we continue our adventure on AmTrak from San Francisco, through the Sierra Nevadas to Denver, through the plains and across two or three states of corn fields.  (And all my friends thought I was corny.) 

   We won't trouble you with a lot of words on this one, except to say that the trip was worth it.  Our only mistake was being too frugal to get a sleeping car.  

   The scenery was breathtaking - I hope our photos do it justice.  


The Observation Car

Some little Gold Mining Town





























Little House on the Prairie




Looks like Buffalo...

Yep!  Buffalo.

Windmill farm

Denver Train Station (outside part)

 Denver Ice House (could you tell?)

Denver Train Station (inside part)

The ol' Mississippi


Cornfields (the next three states looked like this
and so flat you could use it to true up billiard tables)

Chicago Train Station

A friend keeping an eye out for us.

 Weary Traveler Suzi (drinking the last of our wine
because we couldn't take it on the airplane.)