Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beaufort, NC

As we mentioned in the last post, the weather was cold and crappy and dark and dreary and, did I mention cold?  And anyway,we decided to get a slip so we could plug in and turn the heat on. And so...

here we are at the dock - we paid our $60.00 and by the next morning the sun was out and it was warm.

We took advantage of the warm and used the courtesy car and picked up Skip and Harriet who were at the high priced marina in town and went grocery shopping and resupplied the rum.  Our marina has not the view that theirs does.  This is part of our view.  Someone lives here.  It says on the sign, "The Prairie Home Companion."

Someone probably lives here, too - they're a little more private about it.

This was probably once somebody's dream.

But the whole town isn't like the previous pictures - it's mostly very nice.  This is the Beaufort Grocery Company, reputed to have the best lunch in town.  And it was quite good, but we would have to try them all to make a recommendation, so if you would like a recommendation of where the best place to have lunch in Beaufort, NC please make a sizable contribution to our cruising kitty (probably not tax deductible) and we will eat at every restaurant in town and get back to you.

Pretty, well kept church and the sky was brilliant blue.

Just down the street is an historic cemetery, we saw one grave which had victims of an Indian skirmish in 1711.  Except for the visitors, everybody was quite dead.  It smelled okay though.


scenes from the previously mentioned cemetery

more scenes from the previously mentioned cemetery.  This was kind of sad; a child's grave and decorated with toys and shells and a stuffed teddy bear.

a tree in the previously mentioned cemetery

Here's Skip reading what's left of the inscriptions.

Larry always likes mermaids.  This one wasn't real though, just a windvane.
We're still hoping to see a real mermaid in our travels.  And the camera will be ready.

Scenery from the high priced marina...

just for comparison purposes.

And our walk downtown revealed many nice scenes,

and historic homes.  Rocking chairs on porches are always nice.  Reminds of a slower, less hectic era.  We should try it more often.

Another 1800's home.

The local courthouse.

Some kind of pretty flower (setava florensis Beaufortius, I think)

On our walk back to our marina we crossed this wooden walkway as Suzi talked on the phone.

And I took photos.  This was one of them, in case you couldn't tell.

And another.

And yet another.

Back at the marina, the boat next to us had Ross and Wei and their beautiful 2 year old daughter.  From Australia, they've sailed all over the world.  By comparison, we are small time cruisers, and we'd just as soon keep it that way.


Yep, you guessed it: another photo.  And the last one as we say goodbye to Beaufort, N.C. and head further south to Wrightsville Beach with a stop at Mile Hammock Bay.

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