Thursday, October 8, 2009

Onancock, Va

After St. Marys, we motor-sailed to Onancock, VA.  We had heard nice things about it from friends.  It was described, quite accurately, as St. Michaels without the crowds.  And they were right.  We arrived on Sunday, October 4th and went into town Monday.  To make it a long weekend, almost everything closes on Monday.  So we just walked around, took some pictures, had lunch, and left Tuesday for Norfolk. 

Here are some of the pictures we took.

The fishermen and crabbers get up really early.  I guess I did, too.  I won't let it happen again.

There goes our crabber into the setting full moon.

Two other boats at anchor near us.  We met the folks on the dark hulled boat for sundowners - Joran and Lin on Elixer an Arlberg 37

This is the world-famous Liars Bench at Onancock Wharf.  Liars come from all over the world, just to sit here.  Famous liars such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove have all been here.  Or so a lady told me who was sitting there.  And I believe her.  It's required.

The Ker Place (or Kerr Place - two different signs each spelled differently) was a museum, which like I said, was closed on Monday.  It may have been a maritime museum cause there was an old log boat next to it.  I don't know. The book says it's the headquarters for the Eastern Shore Historical Society. This is getting boring.  Look at the next picture.

This is one of the tame butterflies which live in the town.  Unless it's a moth.  I don't think it was one of the dreaded killer moths though, cause, well, I was real close and lived.

This is another photograph.  Seriously.

Every small town has churches.  Most of the big towns do, too.  This town was no exception.
I have no rational explanation for this phenomena.

This, as you may be able to tell from the sign is Walter and Walton's Emporium.  It really belongs in a childs storybook.  But is was misplaced here instead.  It was closed (Monday, remember?)  and we didn't go in because we felt it would be frowned upon.

There is a store which is opened.  It is of historical significance.  They won't sell you anything though. Not because it was Monday, but because it was a museum.  Kinda.  The next room over was a restaurant where we had lunch. It was quite good and reasonably priced.  And a lot newer than you would have expected for museum food.

This is the outside of the building of which inside was featured in the preceding photograph.
It's been around for a couple of centuries and moved about 4 times.

Out behind this beautiful sleepy little town we encountered this scene.

I got a little sarcastic with the Closed on Monday theme. It really was a beautiful town; many beautiful old homes,  everything very well kept and all the people very friendly and quite willing to chat.  We like that.

Quite a bit different than our next stop in Norfolk (pronounced No-fuk by the locals).