Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wrightsville Beach

The suspense is over - we got up early and went ashore in Wrightsville and then we headed south at noon - couldn't make up our minds what to do, so we did both.  And now, for your viewing pleasure, on with the pictures:

Wrightsville Beach thoughtfully provides cruisers with a very nice, free dinghy dock.  We thank you Wrightsville Beach.

They do this so we will shop at the stores.  We did, and Suzi got a cute little sun dess, which, if we're lucky, she'll model for you sometime.

Here's Suzi, not wearing her cute little sundress on the beach with the ocean waving to her.  She waved back.

I went wading.  Here's the picture to prove it.  I am willing to testify that those are my own feet.  And that that is the Atlantic Ocean.  Yippee - I'm here, and you're probably working.

Birds flew overhead - having few other options of where to fly.

You'll discover, if you follow our blog, that we like birds, and flowers and bugs and waves and pretty things in general.  So if you don't like those things, you should probably quit now and go watch wrestling or something.

...cause here's more pretty pictures. This one with a bird...

 and this one without.  We don't really care, it works either way.  If you would like the full effect while looking at these, put a conch shell up to your ear, better yet, use two, one to each ear.  But then you'll have to get someone else to work the mouse.  Have them make bird noises.  You can take turns.  I hope you're not at work while you're doing this.

There are big birds that fly...

And little birds that walk.

This is a grey-headed sand pecker.  I saw him, I can name him.

These are our friends, Skip and Harriet and their Sheltie, Bailey.  You've met them before, remember?  They're on Moondance.  (It's a boat, not something they do, though, maybe... we'll have to ask them.)

Another grey-headed sand-pecker who doesn't like to get his feet wet.  Tough one for a sea-bird.

You'd think I'd get tired of ocean waves, but I don't.  They're all different, just like snowflakes.  Only not as cold.  Are you still holding those conch shells to your ears.  If you don't have conch shells, large coffee cups will work as well.  Remember to empty them first or you'll get your shoulder wet.

The Indian name for this bird is Runs from Waves.


As a professional tracker, I can find the subtle signs of the rare beach walker babe.

Even though the ocean operates to quickly obscure the evidence, I prevail and soon am rewarded with the opportunity of photographing...

the beach walker babe.  She is totally unaware, because of our stealth, that she is being pursued not only myself, but a junior tracker as well. She very cleverly makes footprints in the sand while wearing sandals.  No one knows how this is accomplished.

Here is a guy falling down off of a board he tried to stand on in the water.  I could have told him that was going to happen.

His friend tried the same thing.  Didn't work for him either.

All these guys were trying to catch fish from this pier, constructed at a cost of $2,479,386.37.  Think of how many fish they could have bought at the fish store for that kind of money.  And saved time, too.

And if they had been paying closer attention, as I was, they would have caught a glimpse of the second mermaid we've seen on this trip.  Along with her pet turtle.  For those of you who doubt that I have seen in one day the rare beach walker babe and the even rarer mermaid with turtle pet, maybe I can give you a brief lesson on how you, too, can see a mermaid:

Mermaids exist, I know they are real.
I know 'cause I've seen them myself.
Most think of them as a fantasy thing,
like a leprechaun, fairy or elf.

They like to keep hidden, they're shy little things
in spite of their lack of attire.
But I know how to find them, I'll tell you the secret
so you'll know I'm no braggart or liar.

They'll only reveal themselves to a saior,
and even then only to some.
She'll appear if you squint through a very tall glass
which you've recently emptied of rum.

On our way back from the ocean to our dinghy, we saw a pirate climbing up the side of a building.  This is another rarity that we encounter.  I'm looking forward to seeing a pirate wench.  I'm told that they are seen from time to time.  I cannot explain why he's wearing a swim fin.

We saw a flower, too.  A rare posyum purpleblueicus bythestreetum.
Hey, I don't make this stuff up - you can see it for yourself - photographic evidence.

This is a home about a block from the shore.  All the homes are second floor with garages on the first floor, in case there's a hurricane.  

There is a bookends law in Wrightsville Beach which only applies to pigeons on wires.  None have ever been prosecuted.  Or electrocuted.

Then we got back in our dinghy, went back to the boat, and at noon, caught the tide to head down the Cape Fear river to Southport, NC.  Stay tuned for more exciting tales of the sea and adventures beyond belief.

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